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October 30, 2014

Goodbye, Grant


“Grant. Digit number 7. Love you, brother. Our loss, China’s gain.
Thanks, Obama.”

Friday, October 10, marked the end of a great era for 40Digits. One of our best and brightest, Grant Holle, had his last official day as a full-time Digit, leaving 40Digits and the US behind him as he and his wife moved to China. Grant contributed to multiple projects during his reign as our resident Poet Laureate of ARK Music Factory, some of which were our most successful or most challenging. He will be sorely missed by all not just because he was a great developer, but also he was a pretty rad dude.

Grant was one of the first Digits to join the company, back when we all still fit in one minivan. He left for a little, but returned to the flock because he loved the culture and the people at 40D. Grant brought with him a skateboard, some sweet guitar skills, a love of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”, and some fantastic cookie recipes, along with some amazing back-end development skills. Grant’s positive attitude and energy never ceased, even when he had to handle many of the megalithic projects that we took on that just never seemed to end or became difficult.

The Party Planning Committee was tasked with coming up with something to send Grant off right, since the chance of him returning to the country isn’t very high. The committee started off just planning the first going-away party the company has ever had, but some clever Digits came up with two ways to show him our appreciation for his humor and what he brought to the company.

The first, headed by our resident Spielberg-in-Training, Aly, was to put together a series of Vines with each of the Digits saying something we liked about Grant or our best wishes for him. The end result was Grantitudes.

The second was a parody of Grant’s personal website, Grant had a well-loved hidden page at (seizure warning for rapidly changing colors) that became a part of the company culture. Aly and Brandon worked together to come up with to hold the video and a link to The Grant Hole.

Grant flew out on the 15th for China. He left behind an RC copter, most of his possessions, his work laptop, and many people who will sorely miss him.

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40D-Barkley-Rocket40Digits is pleased to share that as of July 1, 2014 we have officially joined the Barkley family of partner companies! We began our company in 2008. Its growth over the past 6 years has been predominantly built on our support of other agencies, internal marketing teams, and a great bunch of regional direct clients that stemmed from personal referrals. We have always loved what we do and the clients we worked with and were not actively seeking a merger or acquisition when we were presented the opportunity for a permanent partnership. We quickly learned that Barkley shares the same values and dedication we hold dear. This is a great opportunity for 40Digits to add support, expertise, and resources to expand the reach of our core mission for the company and its employees. While it is a significant move for us strategically, it is important to let you know that, except for some administrative things like address changes, how we work together with you will not change:

  • Our business model and services we provide will not change. We are dedicated to being the best partners we can to our client agencies and companies, providing the same quality UX and web development work we built our business on.
  • You will continue to work with the same Digits you have in the past. Our people and roles aren’t changing.
  • We will continue to operate from our current offices in Springfield, St. Louis and Kansas City. All the contact information for us will remain the same.
  • Our fee structure will not change.

If you have any questions about this exciting news and what it will mean for you, please contact any of us at any time. We are grateful to you not only for giving us the opportunity to provide you with our digital services but for your loyalty and friendship. We are confident that our new affiliation will serve us all well.

-The 40Digits Team

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Over the last few months, 40Digits has had the pleasure of working with Design Ranch on the new Helix Architecture + Design website. The combination of each company’s strengths resulted in a wildly successful final product.

Design Ranch designed a minimal & lasting layout that pushes boundaries of architecture sites. 40Digits then brought the designs to life on the desktop and adapted the designs to the limitations of a smaller screen while leveraging the tactile nature of touch devices.

Please visit Helix Architecture + Design on each of your devices and let us know what you think.

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